SermanyuQ qop buQ Hugh chave. bottaH tlhInganmey.

mung ghItlh'a'pedia
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ghItNews ghoD ghItlh. jIv HallIj ghItNews.

tlhInganmey mawtaH ngab nobtaH Hugh chave.

Caracas (VEN) - terá. SermanyuQ buQ venengela tera'ngan HI' Hugh chave 'ej qum ghaj'eghbe' yuQ SermanyuQ 'ej ‘u’Daq HI'tuylIj ghomHa'.

SermanyuQ SeHtaH tlhInganmey 'ej SermanyuQDaq leStaH tlhInganmey 'ej pup vogh ja'taH.

Qo'noSDaq qIbmey je bepta' wa'SanID'uy' tlhIngan 'ej SermanyuQ yIntaH tlhInganmey.

SermanyuQ bellIj lo'chugh Hugh chave vItta' tlhIngan voDleH 'ej venengela Sab tlhIngan voDleH.

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