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Hi, world's citizen! I am Renan, the ghItlh'a'pedia's administrator. I am a Brazilian user and living in State of São Paulo, and also, I'm São Paulo FC (BRA) and FC Barcelona (ESP) fan. In the Brazilian web, my idol is Felipe Neto, the winner of VMB award, in the Webstar category, a award of MTV Brazil.


The best of Brazilvu'wI’RENAN{{#ec:Renan}}contributionsThe best of Spain

Others accounts[edit]

I am user in Desciclopédia, Unsaiklopedia, Necyclopaedia, Neciklopedija dalmata, Kakapedia, Scotypedia, Uichipedia / Neciclopedia, Frithchiclipéid, Desgalipedia, Kengencyclopedia, Hatsiklopedia, Simple English Uncyclopedia, Nunyepedia and Cambodian Uncyclopedia, the links are in sidebar section "Holmey (Other languages)".
I am user also in UnCommons, UnMeta, Uncyclopaedia and TranslateWiki.Net.