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This is embassy of ghItlh'a'pedia. Users from other Uncyclopaedias, please, speak about Foreign Affairs in ghItlh'a'pedia with the administrators and bureaucrats. Talk with a sysop / bureaucrat or posting a topic on the Forum.


This is a list of users from other wikis that were named ambassadors here.

ghItlh'a'pediaDaq rIvSo'wI'mey ta
ghItlh'a'pedia's Ambassadors Table
mughchovnatlh/Version tlh --> HurwI'/Foreign Foreign/HurwI' --> tlh
Flag of Galicia.png Galego - Desgalipedia Renan Rhubella Marie
Netherlands.svg Nederlands - Oncyclopedia Renan CartoonistHenning

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