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This is a page where we answer frequently questions of many users:

Do I can help the ghItlh'a'pedia?[edit]

Yes. Anybody can create a account and help the ghItlh'a'pedia.

Why create a account?[edit]

To become easy a identification of a user, in fact of it receive congratulations or problems.

What is the ghItlh'a'pedia?[edit]

It is a humoristic site, Wikipedia's parody, and has versions in others languages, over there of klingon.

How to work the ghItlh'a'pedia?[edit]

The ghItlh'a'pedia is a site that uses wiki language. To learning, read the Beginner's Guide and the Style Guide, which visible links in the Main Page or click in links.

Do you can vandalize the site?[edit]

Only if you want are punished by a bad administrator.

Who is the mother fucker that administer this site?[edit]

Your father (or not).

I hate the ghItlh'a'pedia. Why this exist?[edit]

We don't ask for like we and we exist because of be a Klingon Empire's wish.