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Beginner's Guide


About the site
Create a article
Add internal and external links
Black, italic, paragraph and others
Separate articles in sections
Add/create categories
Add images and videos
Add sounds
Move pages
Write quotes
Add/create templates
Talk pages
Talk pages record
Personalize signature
Creating your status
Using HTML
Problems solution
Private humor's politic
Test page

For trainees the basic course:

Middle Beginner's Guide

There are many commands that editing your text in the articles, here are the command that you will use frequently:

Code Action
''text'' This become your text in italic
'''text''' This become your text in black
'''''text''''' This become your text in italic and black
*detail **detail Organize in details
#item Organize in numbered details
:paragraph Do paragraphs
space Cancel break pages
---- Create a line




Black and Italic

  • Detail 1
    • Detail 2
      • Detail 3
  1. Detail 1
  2. Detail 2
  3. Detail 3

Cancel break page