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Categorize an article help classify with others articles that speak about the same subject. An article about oranges, example, can is categorized in the groups foods, orange color stuff, etc.

When you categorize the article in final go show the categories that he belongs, and clicking them you are directing the a list of articles that speak same thing, and your article is adding at lists automatically.

Categorize facilitates the grouping of articles, and is necessary categorize all the articles create for them are not in a alone place of site. Small articles uncategorized are well more vulnerable at will deleted for some system operator.

How to categorize?[edit]

Add at end page [[category:CATEGORYNAME]], example [[category:Fructs]]. Simple.

To known that categories existing you can visit the Categories tree, but existing many is very easy search in others similar articles its that categories you can use.

You too can create the your own category, but existing many and create a category must is avoided, categories are created automatically when you add a category that was not made in your article yet.

Generally templates already has some category, then if you known not of where show some mysterious category in your article, is because your added some template and she appeared, and is not possible delete unless delete the entire template.

Rules about categories[edit]

  • Don't is advised add your article at many categories, 5 categories already are enough.
  • If create a new category not create thing absurd or that not allow the inclusion of others articles. Orange, example, can't is categorize as Orange object and something round and what you eat.
  • You can add your article in strange category, since that can a funny relation which the theme. Orange, in this case, could be adding at category sadomasochistic accessories and is not con the rules.