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For trainees the basic course:

Middle Beginner's Guide

To add images click in Upload file in left side of page. After uploaded in the ghItlh'a'pedia you can add in articles using the tag [[image:IMAGENAME]]. Remember add the extension of file (.jpg, .gif...) in the final name, using the case sensitive. Ex:



and successively.

How insert a image in the article[edit]

[[image:IMAGENAME|left]] - Insert the image to left text.
[[image:IMAGENAME|right]] - Insert the image to right text.
[[image:IMAGENAME|thumb|TEXT]] - Add a text under of image
[[image:IMAGENAME|thumb|200px]] - Edit the image size (depending the number can become big or small)
  • You can use several parameter in the image, example:

:[[image:IMAGENAME|left|thumb|200px|This is my image]]


  • To create a gallery, use the command gallery, example:


Repair that the first two images off gallery will have a description and the third no. And you can't edit the images size of gallery, that are already predetermined.

Gallery example[edit]

Add You Tube videos[edit]

<YouTube> title=Meus pontos de vida movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=370 height=100 </YouTube>

title=Some title
movie_url= (The address)